That’s a big sky. This isn’t a great picture to prove the point, but overall I was struck by how flat the prairies weren’t. I’d expected days of pancake-flat terrain, but at least along the Trans-Canada it was usually rising or falling a bit. I seem to remember taking a bunch of pictures that might show what I’m talking about, but can’t find any. So maybe it actually is pretty flat.

I stopped for a rest at a stop that turned out to be right on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The highway through Alberta was good. The highway through Saskatchewan and Manitoba was not. I had to keep my teeth clenched to keep them from rattling out. But eventually I left Saskatchewan, and then Manitoba.



Got started! Thanks to Jennifer and Melody, who tag-teamed to get me up to the truck in Salmon Arm.

More later. Gotta make some miles now.

Quite some time passes

Ok, so day 1. Took a bunch of pictures, lost a bunch of pictures while transferring to my computer. /facepalm

At least that first picture turned out ok. Much of the day looked like that, so it’s not a bad stand-in. Beautiful drive through the mountains, with enough rain here and there to prove the RainX I applied to the windshield valuable. That was a good tip.

Also figuring prominently that day (and the next): edible goodies from Melody. Yum!

Took a break in Golden at a truck stop for a little stretch, and then went into the restaurant for some pie. My (limited) understanding of trucker culture indicates that they highly value a good slice of pie when on the road, so I was looking forward to the selection. But: only lemon, coconut, and pecan. Um.. pecan, I guess. Terrible. Sort of a brown flavoured jelly, mostly, with some nuts on the top. Maybe truckers like to talk about good places to get a slice of pie because the average slice is so bad.

Made it to Canmore in spite of the pie incident, and spent the night in the municipal parking lot outside Beamer’s Coffee Bar, which made for a convenient first stop the next morning.

Ok yes, that’s a screenshot of the place from google street view. See previous note about losing pictures. =P